Customer First

Sounds simple, but to many it is not. At Seelye of Paw Paw we’ve committed our business to making sure our customer’s needs are always our top priority. Our mantra simply states: “Help as many people get what they want and, in the end, you will get what you want”; essentially, “Work with a servant’s heart”. Probably not typical of what you would expect from an auto group, but Seelye Auto Group isn’t run by typical car salespeople. From the top down, Mike Seelye (President and CEO), Mickey Seelye (Vice President and COO), and Kent Matthews (Managing Partner), have instilled in our team the importance of making sure our customer’s needs are met.

When Mickey Seelye, grandson to Don Seelye, took over the day to day operations of the auto group, he made it his mission to build a team from the bottom up that made every customer our number one priority. That doesn’t mean mistakes will not be made and from time to time, or mean we don’t have some clients who are not happy with the service we provide. Like every business on the planet, we’re not perfect. The difference at Seelye Auto Group is when we make these mistakes, we acknowledge them, apologize and go to work to make things right. Sometimes, that means doing things that are uncomfortable, like being humble and admitting fault. However, our aim is always to make our customer’s experiences as efficient and satisfactory as possible!

Edmunds Five Star Premier Dealer

The Byproducts of Our Service:

  • Seelye Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep & Ram was the ONLY CDJR dealer in Michigan recognized with 2021 Edmunds 5 Star Dealer status. In 2024, Seelye Paw Paw achieved Edmunds Five Star Premier Dealer status again along with its 6th consecutive Edmunds Five Star Dealer Award!
  • In 2024, SEELYE CDJR was the only Chrysler, Dodge Jeep or Ram store to achieve Edmunds Five Star Premier Dealer Status.


Since 2016, Seelye Auto Group has won 30 Five-Star Dealer Awards or Five-Star Premier Dealer Awards.

At the time of this publication, Seelye Auto Group is the most awarded in Michigan by Edmunds for customer satisfaction, as well as one of the most accomplished in the nation. We are humbled and honored to serve in a way that shows excellence in our vision of helping people. This starts with a customer-first mindset every day. All of our customers are who we have to thank for these honors.

Awards are great and we will always be thankful for them, but our job is not done. We are committed to changing Southwest Michigan’s perception of how easy it is to do business with a car dealership. When you work to serve, the accolades will come.